Japanese for "traces of ink." Zen Buddhist calligraphy.

Glossary of Art Terms. 2014.

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  • Bokuseki — (jap. 墨跡, dt. „Tuschspur“) ist eine Form der japanischen Kalligraphie (Shodō). Sie wurde als ein spezieller Zenga Stil von Zen Mönchen entwickelt. Bokuseki zeigt jedoch nicht nur die Form eines Schriftzeichens und drücken nicht nur den Inhalt… …   Deutsch Wikipedia

  • Bokuseki — (墨跡) is a Japanese term meaning ink trace , and refers to a form of Japanese calligraphy (Shodo) and more specifically a style of Zenga developed by Zen monks. Bokuseki is often characterized by bold, assertive, and often abstract brush strokes… …   Wikipedia

  • bokuseki — bokusȅki m DEFINICIJA kaligrafsko pismo japanske budističke zen sekte ETIMOLOGIJA jap.: trag tinte …   Hrvatski jezični portal

  • bokuseki — ▪ calligraphy (Japanese: “ink trace”),Chinese  (Wade Giles romanization) Mo chi,  or (Pinyin)  Moji,         calligraphic style of the Buddhist sects known as Zen in Japan and Ch an in China. This calligraphic form sprang directly from the… …   Universalium

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  • Hitsuzendo — nihongo|Hitsuzendo|筆禅道|hitsuzendō, or the Art of the Brush , is a method of achieving Samādhi (Jap.: samaai ) (unification of individual with the highest reality). Hitsuzendo refers specifically to a school of Japanese Zen calligraphy to which… …   Wikipedia

  • Zenga — is the Japanese term for the practice and art of Zen Buddhist painting and calligraphy in the Japanese tea ceremony and also the martial arts.DefinitionAs a noun, Zenga is a style of Japanese calligraphy and painting, done in ink. In many… …   Wikipedia

  • Kalligraphie — Kal|li|gra|phie 〈f. 19; unz.〉 = Kalligrafie * * * Kal|li|gra|phie usw.: ↑ Kalligrafie usw. * * * Kalligraphie   [griechisch] die, , die Kunst des schönen Schreibens, Schriftkunst …   Universal-Lexikon

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